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Hot laptop ac adapters:

DELL LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter-replacement DELL LA90PM130 power supply

This laptop ac adapter (laptop power supply, laptop power cord) is compatible with Dell LA90PM130. It is also compatible with some other laptop models and laptop ac adapter's part numbers, you can see the details below.

DELL LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter replacement (Voltage: 100V-240V (Input), 19.5V (Output), 4.62A(Output Current), Power: 90W)

This is a laptop ac adapter ( laptop power supply ) replacement for Dell LA90PM130; It is rigorously tested, meets or exceeds original Dell LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter ( laptop power supply ) specifications, brand new with 1 year warranty.

It is very important to compare our adapter's output voltage with your original adapter's output voltage, to compare our adapter's output voltage with your laptop computer's input voltage! They must be same voltage. Adapter with wrong output voltage will burn the computer.

Output power ( W )=output voltage ( V ) X output current ( A ); for example, 90W=19V X 4.74A

The Dell LA90PM130 adapter's output current can not be less than the computer's rated input current. Otherwise, the adapter will be overloaded and become very hot and burned. However, adapter with high output current can work well with the computer as long as the output voltage is correct.

The computer needs low current when you are editing files or writing emails. The computer needs high current when you are running discs or seeing a film. Normally, the Dell LA90PM130 adapter does not provide the computer with its maximum output current. Computers only draw as many current ( amperes ) as they need.

Please carefully check the plug tip's size of the adapter to make sure it can fit into your computer.

First of all, please make sure that your original adapter's part number and your laptop's models number are listed below.

Dell LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter's photo

Dell LA90PM130 ac adapter's specification:
Product Code: AN1086
Item ID: [3-1836-137522]
Price: AU $39.99
safe payment via Paypal
Please ensure the laptop ac adapter that you are going to buy fits your laptop's brand, model number and original ac adapter's part number. We only ship to Australia.
Voltage: 100V-240V (Input), 19.5V (Output)
4.62A(Output Current), Power: 90W
Color: Black
Input Frequency: 50---60Hz
Operation Temperature: 0--- +40 degrees centigrade
Storage Temperature: -40--- +85 degrees centigrade
Relative Humidity: 5%---95%RH (non-condensing)
Safety Approvals: UL, CUL, TUV, CE, CCC, GOST-R, B Mark, NOM, NEMKO, PSB, S-Mark, S+ Mark, GS, RCM, BSMI, EK Mark
Product Type: Replacement Adapter (Brand New), 1 year warranty
Weight: 568.80 g
Please note that the item is new, unused, 100% compatible replacement but NOT original.
This Dell LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter (laptop power supply, laptop power cord) can replace the original laptop ac adapter (laptop power supply, laptop power cord) with the following part numbers:

DP/N WK890
PA-12 family
PA-3E family

This Dell LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter (laptop power supply, laptop power cord) is also compatible with the following laptop model numbers:

Alienware M11x
Alienware M11x R2
Alienware M11X R3
Inspiron 1370
Inspiron 13R
Inspiron 1464
Inspiron 14R
Inspiron 14R-N4110
Inspiron 15R
Inspiron 17R
Inspiron 8500m
Inspiron M101Z
Inspiron M411R
Inspiron M5030
Inspiron N3010
Inspiron N4010
Inspiron N411z
Inspiron N5050
Inspiron N7010
Inspiron N7110
Insprion 1440
Insprion 1750
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Latitude 2120
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Thank you for viewing our brand new Dell LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter (laptop power supply). We promise to our customers 1 year warranty, 30 days money back, fast delivery for our Dell LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter (laptop power supply). Payment via Paypal is very safe. Enjoy online buying the Dell LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter (laptop power supply) at our website!

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Dell LA90PM130 Laptop AC Adapter Tips:

The Dell LA90PM130 Laptop AC adapter's input tip should be fitted into your laptop's socket properly. It can not be very loose. When you use the Dell LA90PM130 AC adapter somewhere and the laptop shakes constantly, the input tip will be heated to high temperature due to vibration and poor contact if the input tip is very loose in the laptop's socket. There is a risk of melting the plastics around the input tip.


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DELL LA90PM130 laptop ac adapter-replacement DELL LA90PM130 power supply from is brand new with 1 year warranty.